Instructor Policy

Revised 3/21/2019

Option 1: Contract (1099) Instructor

Instructor is paid by the hour or for a full day.
Rates as follows:
$100/hr for an Associate Instructor
$110/hr for a Lead Instructor
$125/hr for a Master Instructor
Full-day class: $1000 per day
Mileage is assumed to be part of the hourly rate.  
Any change from this would need to be presented to the Lehigh Valley ASCM board prior to the start of the class for their review and approval. 

Option 2: Full Service Consultant

Consultant provides full-service turn-key services for class. • Consultant advertises, recruits students, finds and pays for class location, pays all expenses including travel and hotel if needed.  This is a “full-service” agreement – consultant is running own business.  Chapter gets CBAR credit for students and materials. • Needs to be negotiated, but typically 2/3 of profit goes to instructor, 1/3 to chapter.  

Option 3: Partnership

Combine class with another chapter or group – needs to be negotiated